Create-a-Room #floraldining

Create-a-Room #floraldining

Instagram is so visually appealing but this Create-A-Room series has made it interactive!

What is the Create-A-Room series? Over the course of a few short weeks, my social media followers and I create a Photoshopped room piece by piece throughout a series of rounds. For each round, I curate a few items for the room that will be voted on. Each round’s winning item carries on into the next round until we create an entire room.

This is the 9th room of this series and each time the rooms get better and better. Get ready to see how this room evolved from one simple dining table!

ROUND 1: Tables

We had never created a formal dining room in this Create-A-Room series so far, so this was new and exciting! Selecting items for the 1st round of voting is always my favorite because I get to pick whatever colors and styles I want. Since the winning items in the first two rounds are a good indication of where the style of the room is going to end up, I try and pick a wide variety of styles. Number 5 was the clear winner in this round which I was very happy with because that table can go a lot of different directions depending on what items it is paired with.

ROUND 2: Chairs

round 2 chairs.jpg

The voting for this round was pretty scattered which is fairly standard for most 2nd rounds in this series. I think this is because the style of the room is still yet to be determined. As the rounds go on, the variety of items to vote on isn’t as diverse because the main style is already determined. Number 1 was the winner here which came as no shock because they are actually both from West Elm and pair wonderfully together.

ROUND 3: Rugs

Number 3 was the big winner in this round which clearly settled the debate about the room’s overall color scheme. I love working with color so this was a fun item to design with for the next few rounds.

ROUND 4: Lighting

Number 5 was the winner in this round which paired beautifully with the shape of the table. This light also isn’t overpowering in the room which is a big deal with such a statement rug. The voters did a great job picking on this one!

ROUND 5: Storage

I would have been happy with any of these 4 sideboards winning this round but I was secretly hoping for either #2 or #1. Luckily, number 1 was the winner which was a beautiful addition to the design so far.

ROUND 6: Wall Decor

This final round was a little different because voters were asked to pick their favorite mirror AND artwork. I initially grouped them into pairs and was going to have people vote on the groups but separating them and having the voters pick separately seemed more interesting. I was quite surprised by the winners too: #1 and #5!


final reveal crwh dining _edited-1.jpg

The voters did a great job choosing pieces that would work. Overall, I would have never have guessed that this would have been the final room reveal based on the first round but I absolutely love how the room evolved over the remaining rounds!

Why do I love this series so much? This series is a very similar approach to how most of us decorate our own homes. Most of us are shopping piece by piece over a period of time. We shop around, narrow down our favorite pieces, make a decision and then buy it. Then, we move onto the next item and do the same thing until the room is done. Most rooms are usually curated and collected over time so this Create-A-Room series helps us practice making shopping choices for our homes.

Now, I want to know what you think! Do you vote along with this series on Instagram? Do you feel like you do this same sort of voting process for your home? What would you like to see in the next Create-A-Room room design?

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