Save + Splurge: Bedroom

BUDGETS. They can be the worst part of decorating.

One of the best tips I have for decorating is to determine the overall budget before starting. Why? Because it can feel overwhelming to dwell on the price of each item individually in a room. However, if you determine your overall budget before hand, you have a good knowledge of how much you are going to be spending on each item and it won't be as shocking for EVERY.SINGLE.PURCHASE. 

I want to share 3 different bedroom designs. The first design has a budget of almost $16,000. The second design has a budget around $2,700. The third design has a budget around $7,500


There are so many great pieces in this design! These are all very high-end items of excellent quality. This rooms reminds me of the hundreds of inspiration rooms we see on social media that we fall in love with but the budget is way out of reach. Great pieces individually if you can fit them in your budget. 



This room has an extremely low budget for the same look as the high-end design. This really proves that you can have the designer look you want in your budget if you really shop around or work with a designer to help achieve it.



mixed bedroom save and splurge.jpg

This design shows that you can have the best of both worlds by combining high-end with low-end items. For example, if you want to invest in a high quality bed and nightstands that will last forever, than go cheaper on the rug, lighting and accent pieces.

This is where it is key to have an overall budget. Why? Because if you fall in love with a high-end piece but are afraid the price tag is too high, know that you can make it work by adding in low-end pieces and still end up spending the same amount of money you planned on in the end. 

IN SHORT: Start with a budget and go from there!