10 Questions With a Designer: House of Hawkes

10 Questions With a Designer: House of Hawkes

I am so excited to introduce a new series called “10 Questions With a Designer”! A quote I stumbled upon by Bill Nye inspired this series of interviews with talented designers from all over the world:

“Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.”

I am inspired by so many designers and this series is giving me the opportunity to share their work and learn something new from each of them. Everyone learns in different ways. Everyone is inspired by different things. Everyone is in a different stage of life. Everyone works with different people. Each designer is different and each one brings something new to the table. I can’t wait to dive into each of these interviews and share a little bit about these talented designers and the creative work that they do every day.


To start off this series, I want to introduce Kathryn of House of Hawkes. She describes herself as a wife, mom of two little munchkins, interiors stylist, e-design enthusiast, incurable decorator and incessant organizer. What I love most about Kathryn’s designs are her ability to make the most of a home without breaking the bank.


1. Where do you live?

We are a South African family who have been living as expats in Dubai, United Arab Emirates for 13 years.

2. Out of all the homes you design, what is the most common decorating mistake you see?

I find that furniture layout is where most people go wrong. So many clients have amazing style and some awesome pieces, but they’re often positioned in a way that doesn’t make the most of the individual pieces, nor the space they’re in.


3. Do you have a current color obsession or favorite design trend at the moment?

My current colour crush is a palette of mossy green and tones of dusty pinks. I am coming out of a deep all white phase and am really loving splashes of colours. That said, I am still always aiming to enhance the light & brightness of any room.

4. What is 1 item you can't work without?

I feel my that my computer would be the obvious answer to that but I might have to say the tape measure. I am never without one!


5. What is your favorite room to design?

That’s a tough question, but I would probably have to lean towards kids rooms – or bedrooms in general. 

6. If you could only splurge on only 1 item in your home, what would it be?

It’s a strange answer for someone in my field because it’s an ‘unseen’ item, but it would be my mattress.


7. Where do you go for design inspiration?

Pinterest, Instagram and good old interior magazines (which probably shows my age!). I’ve also been fortunate to attend a few design shows and events in Europe over the past 3 years and all of those trips have been hugely inspirational.

8. If you weren't a designer, what career would you have?

I had a career in Marketing before I made the switch to interior design and I would happily slot back into that field if I hadn’t launched House of Hawkes.


9. What is your best advice for decorating on a tight budget? 

My best advice is that is it easier than you think. There are so many ways in which to achieve a stylish living space without having to empty your pockets. I love a DIY or IKEA hack to replicate something you love but can’t afford.

10. What does your home say about you?

I think my African heritage is ever present in my home although despite the fact that I am strongly influenced by Scandinavian style. I aspire to having a calm and uncluttered space that looks stylish yet feels welcoming. With 2 kids that’s not always achievable, but I am probably more critical of my own home than necessary. I think friends would say my home screams ‘neat freak lives here’.   

A BIG THANK YOU to Kathryn for kicking off our new blog series! Head over to her website and take a look at more of her amazing design work and be inspired!

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